Envivio uniquely offers a software-based approach to video compression and media processing, leveraging the power and performance capabilities of the latest generation Intel-based hardware platforms. Envivio appliances are available, and Envivio products can also be installed on third-party servers in an IT-centric architecture.

Benefits of Envivio platforms include:

  • Intel-based systems leverage latest microprocessor/CPU technology and enable high video quality, pre-processing and a broad feature set
  • Highly efficient platforms reduce OPEX, power and rack space requirements
  • A powerful, compact design supports multi-channel or multi-node configuration, offering operators flexibility and scalability
  • Seamless integration in IT datacenter infrastructures

The Envivio G6 platform uses the latest generation of Intel Xeon Haswell CPUs to provides outstanding performance and density for video processing and delivery applications. It is (readily) available in 1RU (1000 series) or 2RU (2000 series) form factors.

Envivio G6 appliances were designed to run Envivio suite of video processing software in the most efficient way.


Leveraging the latest generation Intel Xeon IvyBridge processors, the Envivio G5 platform significantly increases compression efficiency and supports Ultra HD 4K HEVC encoding, all while lowering operating expenses for operators. G5 is available as a 1RU or 2RU platform, offers outstanding density and can deliver up to 100 high quality SD or 20 HD channels.

Envivio G5 appliances were designed to run Envivio suite of video processing, delivery and management software in the most efficient way.

4Caster G4

Envivio 4Caster G4 is a high-performance computing (HPC) Intel-based encoding appliance for Envivio Muse Live, Muse On-Demand et Guru software. Muse on 4Caster G4 supports up to 72 SD or 12 HD channels per 2RU chassis while optimizing video quality, an ideal solution for service providers.

Guru deployed on 4Caster G4 node offers a dense, simple and comprehensive interface to control and monitor all headend components delivering video services over various networks simultaneously.



The Envivio X1 platform is designed for medium size head-end requiring a variety of input interfaces. The X series appliance is a compact 1RU chassis that offers comprehensive ingest possibilities: IP and up to 8 Analog or 8 SDI inputs.
Leveraging the latest generation Intel Xeon E3 Haswell processors, the X1 platform offers unique cost benefits : power consumption and
cost per baseband channel is drastically reduced compared to other technologies and platforms.
Operators deploying Envivio Muse™ Live encoder on the new X1 platform benefit from the flexibility and constant improvements brought by software compression on an efficient appliance.

IT Blade Servers

The full range of Envivio software—Muse encoders, Halo network media processor and Guru (formerly 4Manager™) — can be deployed on carrier-grade IT blade servers in a datacenter environment. This architecture is ideal for large-scale deployments and allows operators to lower operating expenses and simplify management by combining the headend and IT datacenter.


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