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Envivio’s software-based solutions provide operators the flexibility to upgrade and easily scale their systems to improve video quality, add functionalities, and support new devices. Using our encoding and video processing technology as a foundation, Envivio solutions take advantage of modern networks to deliver live and on-demand video services to consumers. At any moment, Envivio solutions are delivering millions of content streams to all styles of devices.

Video Processing

Whether it’s live, linear TV for traditional service, or on-demand, Envivio is the one to turn to for video processing.  We can handle all of your video processing needs from a single head-end without the need for legacy hardware products.  Envivio has a single product to address everything…a converged, software encoder for all screens.

Video Delivery

For video service providers, video delivery is about getting the highest quality video to any and all consumer devices.  That means your video delivery partner needs to support all of the multi-screen video streaming formats, such as live streaming, DASH, smooth streaming, and standards including MPEG-2, H.264 and HEVC, so video can reach all consumer devices.  Amazingly, not all video delivery solutions providers do this.  Envivio does.

Video Monetization

What does video personalization mean for video service providers?  In a single word, it means revenue.  Envivio’s Halo helps operators monetize their multi-screen video services by allowing consumers to view content whenever they want through time shifting with cloud DVR, replay, catch-up and start over TV services, and by targeted advertising based on user profiles.


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